Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sura 112 and the Trinity, part 1

A friend just sent me a research paper that she had done on her own time, exploring the relationship of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity to Sura 112 (The Purity of Faith). I will be reproducing and analyzing the claims of this paper in this and upcoming posts (it is fairly long), and I invite you readers to join in the dialog. Sources cited in each paragraph are linked here. Here is the introduction.

"Is Allah the Only God? How the Triune God of Christianity Satisfies Sura 112"
The title of this paper makes a drastic claim indeed. Muslims pride themselves on having a unique god, Allah, and his final revelation, the Qur'an, in preserved form. They contend that all other religions, including Christianity and Judaism, have been annulled and all other scriptures corrupted. Several scholars, not to mention countless Christians, have disputed these claims. One especially telling fact is that the third caliph, Othman, assembled one version of the Qur'an that he deemed best and burned all other existing variants around A.D. 650 ("Preserving"; Warraq). However, the question of preservation is not the focus here; rather, this paper will explain Sura (chapter) 112, The Purity of Faith, in the Qur'an and demonstrate that Christianity's triune God meets the four criteria.
It certainly promises to be an exciting paper. However, the author appears to be engaged in a little bait-and-switch. We will see if this affects the rest of the content. Seeing as this paper was written by a non-Muslim with thorough knowledge of the Bible and a moderate knowledge about the Quran, I wonder how Muslims would respond to this.

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